45 Confidentiality Agreements


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How do I get my Confidentiality Agreement from this web site?

It’s easy! Download the template on the Confidential Agreements button on the left, you will be taken to our on-line form to provide us with the information we need to immediately assemble your custom non-disclosure agreement. We integrate your information right into the document and make it available to you in seconds by immediately sending you your customized document in an e-mail or making it available to print right from our web site, ready for your signature!

What is in the non-disclosure agreement?

In short, our agreement covers all the interests of the owner of the confidential information. That could be a person presenting an idea to a company, or a company looking to hire a new employee that does not want to divulge too much information to the potential employee without protection.

Our document makes it clear that the individual or company to whom the information is being revealed can NOT disclose to any third parties any information that you deem confidential. It also makes clear who the owner of the confidential information is and that they retain ownership of the information while being able to communicate freely about it. Finally, our confidentiality agreement contains a section for equitable relief which states that should the

To complete and print the forms from your computer, a word processing program is required; Microsoft Word is the program we recommend. Any other commercial word processing program, or any other pre-installed text editors like Word Pad, Note Pad or Simple Text can also be used.

If you wish to print out the forms and complete them by hand, the free Adobe’s Acrobat Reader is required.


All Standard Legal Software is provided as an installable program (.exe) in download format that can be used from your hard drive. For Mac users, a .zip file of the program can be provided upon request. Each purchase also includes access to an online version of the software; the online version is identical to the installed program. Many people choose to use this online format simply to avoid installing software files to their hard drive. (The legal forms themselves can still be downloaded and saved to your hard drive from within the online version!)


All of the legal forms contained within each Standard Legal Software program are provided in three formats: as Microsoft Word files, as standard text files (for use with all non-Microsoft word processing programs), and as Adobe PDF files.


We are the the web’s premiere source for Agreement do-it-yourself downloadable software. Complete the Agreement kit with sample legal documents, in depth legal instructions, and legal Microsoft word, pdf, and text formats.


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