23 FREE Forms

23 FREE Forms


23 FREE Bonus Business Employee Relations Forms all in MS Word Format.

Employee Discipline Warning Notice
This document provides you with step-by-step instructions on how to document your disciplinary actions.

Sexual Harassment Investigating Checklist
Use this form to ensure no steps are skipped in every sexual harassment investigation conducted. List of questions to ask potential witnesses.

Termination Letter General
Short and sweet; This letter’s focus is on severance and final pay.

Affirmative Action Notice Sample
Notify all employees and prospective employees of your company’s written affirmative action policies and procedures and their right to inspect them, if you have formal guidelines.

Reqest to Inspect Personel File
Have employees complete this form if they wish to view their personnel files. Be sure to note the date of the request and the date that the file is viewed.

Confidentiality Agreement
Use before entering into an agreement with an individual or party you are about to employ, whether it’s an outside consultant or an internal employee.

Non-Compete Agreement
Select one of these documents to keep former employees from leaking company secrets by outlining, for example, where and with whom they are prohibited from seeking employment.

And remember, avoid having all employees sign such agreements; they should only be signed by employees who legitimately hold confidential information.

Model Perforamace Appraisal
This all-inclusive document provides you with the means to conduct the evaluation and establish future goals. It also includes a summary form, which gives both you and the employee an opportunity to comment on the evaluation.

Hiring Interview Questions
This is another document everyone involved in hiring interviews should be given a copy of. It lists standard hiring interview questions, along with suggested follow-up questions and red flag responses you should watch out for.

Job Description
Use this form to detail the specific experience, skills, and education required for successful job performance. In addition, you can specify the essential requirements of the position in order to weed out unqualified candidates.

Interview Guide
Hand copies of this document out to everyone in your organization who conducts hiring interviews. It gives a basic outline of the hiring interview, from start to finish, along with suggestions on things to look for when questioning applicants about their experience, education, etc.

Exit Interview Checklist – Involuntary Termination
Make sure you don’t skip any steps when firing an employee. This form template is to be used by the interviewing manager.

Accident – Injury Report
A concise way to record work-related illnesses or injuries. To ensure that you get all the facts straight, be sure to complete such templates soon after the incident occurs.

Critical Incidents template Form
These are useful tools for keeping track of both the positive and negative actions taken by an employee. They come in handy when determining whether an employee deserves to be disciplined.

Discipline Documentation Notice
Divided into three sections (employee information, incident information, and next steps), this template form might be concise, but it packs a lot of information into a single document.

Disciplinary Warning Notice
Similar to the Employee Warning Notice template Form, these provide you with an area for employee comments as well as your own.

Discipline Documentation template Form
After disciplining an employee for misconduct, complete this form and be sure to obtain his/her signature. And remember, having the employee sign this template form is not a substitution for fully explaining the reasoning behind your discipline decision.

Checklist for Termination Action
This form makes a record of the reason for termination and ensures that you’ve tied up loose ends.

Employee Warning Notice Form
This form allows you to quickly and easily document exactly what the employee is being disciplined for and what corrective action he/she needs to take.

Absence From Work template Form
Use these template forms to chronicle why an employee was absent, how long he/she was absent, and how this leave will be accounted for (i.e., deducted from accrued sick leave, etc.).

General Separation Notice
Besides merely notifying employees of your termination decisions, it’s also a good idea to have them actually sign off on them.

Checklist of Illegal Interview Questions
This checklist gives examples of discriminatory interview questions, along with ways they can be altered to become acceptable.

Occupational Injury Illness Report
Have the affected employee complete this template form as soon as he/she is physically able.

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