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We deliver a custom partnership agreement document directly to your printer, signature ready, in just minutes!

A partnership agreement, or articles of partnership as this type of document is sometimes called, are two names commonly used to refer to the same type of instrument. A partnership agreement is a voluntary contract formed between partners that defines the rights and duties of the partners to one another. It spells out the relationship between the partners, putting into writing the rights, as well as the responsibilities, that the partners have toward one another.


By putting your business partnership agreement into writing you are creating a legally binding document that expresses your needs in relation to your type of business and partnership. By forming a written partnership agreement, you will have a written record of what you and your partners agreed upon in the event there is ever a question in the future regarding the terms of your agreement.

Our Partnership Agreement

The partnership agreement that we can provide you with will contain all of the requisite provisions to form a binding partnership agreement, yet specifically tailored to your needs. We will provide the legal language and the provisions, and you will provide the particulars.

Our partnership agreement forms cover all of these important and necessary areas:

the name and purpose of your partnership and the names of each partner; the contribution of each partner; allocation of profits, losses, and draws; partner authority; decision-making and management; and the withdrawal or death of a partner.


These important areas will be tailored specifically to you however, in that you will provide the names, the amount of contributions, how and when the profits will be distributed, what your fiscal year will be, and various other important and necessary information.

Additionally, we have seven extra provisions, ranging from arbitration and attorney fees to a covenant against revealing trade secrets, that you can insert if you believe that they will relate to your business needs.

If you think that none of our additional provisions will be necessary to your partnership agreement, that is perfectly acceptable because our standard partnership agreement covers everything you will need to form a legally binding document.

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