Agricultural Property Lease

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Printable New Agricultural Property Lease Template


The Agricultural Property Lease is perfect for agricultural land owners who want to lease their land for ranching or farming.


Our Agricultural Property Lease covers all of the important terms when a landowner is leasing land to a tenant to use either for farming or ranching. Our agricultural property lease contains everything that you want to have in a binding lease agreement, and lets you choose all of the particulars.

The Agricultural Property Lease that you will receive from our website lets you choose how long the lease will last, how much the rent will be, the day of each month on which the rent will be due, as well as a specific description of the property that will be covered in your lease.

Our lease agreement will also require, among other things, that the tenant not use the property for illegal purposes, that the tenant maintain liability insurance, and that late fees we be imposed upon the tenant if he or she is late with the rent.

Renewing A Lease

We also allow you choose whether the tenant will have the option to automatically renew the lease, and whether the landlord or the tenant will bear the expense of maintenance on the property. Of course, as with all our leases, you have the option of typing in your own custom lease terms if you have something unusual in your agreement!

Depending on which provisions you choose to include, your customized Agricultural Property Lease covers 9-10 pages worth of essential terms and provisions to make sure that you are adequately protected under the law.


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