Commercial Rental Agreements

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15 Commercial Rental Agreements


The Commercial Rental Agreement Works for All Types of Business Real Property.

The Commercial Lease captures all the necessary terms when the tenant is leasing anything from raw land to a warehouse to an office suite for operating a business of any kind.

Our commercial lease agreement lets you choose the length of the lease, the amount of rent and a specific description of the location of the premises..



Our lease also imposes fees and interest on late rent payments, restricts the tenant’s use of the property to what you type in (no illegal activity!), and prohibits subleasing without the landlord’s consent.

Plus, we also give you the option to include provisions in your lease allowing the tenant an option to automatically renew the lease, requiring the tenant to prepay the last month’s rent and/or a cleaning deposit, and even an option for you to type in your own custom lease terms if you have something unusual in your agreement!

Depending on which provisions you choose to include, the Commercial Lease Agreement delivers 9-10 pages’ worth of essential legal provisions to maximize your protection in case of a dispute.

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