Residential Rental Agreements

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20 Residential Rental Agreement Legal Forms


The Residential Rental Agreement is Perfect for Renting Houses and Apartments.

The Residential Lease Agreement creates a binding agreement between the landlord and tenant for a single-family home or apartment. Use this form to document the length of the lease, the rent amount and the exact location of the leased premises.


Our lease also imposes fees and interest on late rent payments, requires the tenant to keep the premises in good repair, makes clear there are no verbal “side deals”, and a host of other provisions that take the uncertainty out of leasing a house or apartment.

Plus, we also give you the option to include in your lease agreement, provisions allowing the tenant an option to automatically renew the lease, requiring the tenant to prepay the last month’s rent and/or a cleaning deposit, and even an option for you to type in your own custom lease terms if you have something unusual in your agreement!

Depending on which provisions you choose to include, the Residential Lease Agreement is packed full of 6-7 pages’ worth of vital legal provisions to insure that all potential pitfalls are dealt with in advance, in writing.

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