Vehicle Lease Agreements

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The Vehicle Lease Agreement Template Is For Automobiles


The Vehicle Lease covers every kind of vehicle lease imaginable. Simply type in the parties’ names, the length of the lease, the lease payment amount, and a complete description of the year, make and model of the vehicle.

Our lease handles all the other critical elements of the agreement such as requirements to keep the vehicle in good repair, operate it safely, and maintain insurance on it.


Perhaps most importantly, our Vehicle Lease includes an indemnity clause that protects the owner of the vehicle from any liability resulting from the lessee’s use of it.

Plus, we also give you the option to include in your lease a provision allowing the lessee the option to purchase the vehicle upon terms that you select. As with all our leases, you also have the option of typing in your own custom lease terms if you have something unusual in your agreement!

Your Vehicle Lease Agreement contains 5 pages’ worth of critical legal protection to preserve your rights in the vehicle.




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