Bonuses at online casinos

A casino bonus is an amount that an online casino charges to your account. Not to be confused with a loan, no, it’s not a loan, it’s a gift from the casino, you don’t have to give it back. If you lose it completely, that’s okay, you don’t have to pay it back. If you want to find an online casino with the best bonuses, visit this website

There are many different types of bonuses: no deposit bonus, on your first deposit: fixed and percentage, monthly, Refer-a-Friend, special types of deposits, but they all have one thing in common – they are not given for nothing. You can get the money, but to do so you will have to meet certain conditions. Be sure to read the terms and conditions for bonuses, if you can not find them on the casino website, ask a question to support team, otherwise you may be disappointed!

Standard conditions require the player to bet a certain amount to get the bonus or win. This amount is called a wager and is usually defined as some amount of bonus, deposit or bonus plus deposit.

For example: You received a casino bonus of $10, the terms and conditions require you to wager $100 at the casino i.e. $10×10=$100. Naturally, the less bets the player has to make, the better, that is, the smaller the wagering amount. You may encounter other conditions in addition to the standard wagering requirements. Many casinos will not accept wagering if you play roulette, baccarat, or craps. The truth is that these games allow you to take virtually risk-free bets, such as red and black at the same time. In recent years, casinos are increasingly prohibiting wagering bonuses on blackjack and video poker, or are setting higher wagering requirements for these games. 

Betting counts towards the wagering amount if you’ve only played slots machines. Before you take your bonus, familiarize yourself with the rules on bonuses on the website of the casino Terms and Conditions. If you’ve unknowingly received an automatic bonus on your first deposit, then do not place any bets to refuse it, and immediately go to casino support and ask to withdraw the bonus from your account. If you’ve already made at least one bet in any casino game, the bonus will not be taken from you and you have to wager it completely.

No deposits required

As the name implies, a player can get a bonus without making any deposit! Yes, you can get $5-25 just like that. All bonuses received at the casino, must be wagered. What does that mean? Depending on the casino the requirements for wagering bonuses may differ. Some casinos require that you wager your bonus of X10, X30 and even X99 times the amount received. Some casinos require that the amount of winnings withdrawn be above a certain level. To get a bonus it’s necessary to send an email, fill out a form on the website or enter a coupon number in the software, or even just register a game account at the casino, after which you’ll get the coveted money (depending on the type of casino).

There are also bonuses, which are given to you for a certain period of time, say one hour. Unfortunately, they’re not exactly no deposit bonuses. These are so-called “1 free hour” bonuses – you download the software, get the money, say $1,500 to a temporary special account, play for one hour. After that, everything you won in excess of the amount issued to you, is transferred to your real, game account in the casino, as a bonus. But your winnings from this hour of play may not exceed $200 and will be transferred to your account only after you make the minimum deposit of $20-50. So, in fact, it turns out that you can earn a $200 bonus and as a result you play for $220. Of course before you can withdraw all your winnings you have to win them back 30 times. If you want to find a casino with the best conditions, check out this site