Cases in CS:GO

Case in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is an inventory item that can be opened to get one skin. Each case has a set of skins, a list of which can be seen hovering over the mouse cursor on the case in the inventory. When you open the case one random skin from this list falls out. The rarer the item, the less likely it is to fall out. It’s no secret that most players open cases in hopes of getting a knife. But since the knife is the rarest weapon, the probability of dropping it is extremely low. You can find csgo case in the game itself or buy them on specialized sites. This will help you get the benefit of the process.

How to get a case in CS:GO

There are a few ways to get a case. First: cases are dropped at the end of matches; during the week one or two cases may fall out. Second: if you are a member of an ongoing operation, you can get a case as a reward for completing a mission (as it was during Operation Vanguard). And thirdly: cases can always be traded from other players or bought on the Steam trading floor.

How to open a case

In order to open a case in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, you need a special key. In contrast to cases, keys are not dropped, but you can buy them in the game itself or on the trading floor. One key costs about $3. Once the case is opened it drops 1 random skin from the case’s collection, and the case and the key disappear (i.e. both the case and the key are one-time items). It’s also worth noting that there is a different key for each type of case. For example, if you want to open a Chroma case, you need a Chroma key for it, a key from the Operation Vanguard case will not work (well, that seems logical).

The cost of the cases

The price of cases in CS:GO is usually not high – almost any case you can buy for less than 30 cents. However, new cases are added to the game from time to time, and new cases are always in demand, so their cost can reach $10 the first days. Therefore, in case a new case falls out, it makes sense to sell it quickly on Steam. In conclusion it is worth mentioning that you should open the cases only if you really expect to get the knife (or if you want to try your luck). If you don’t expect to get the knife – it’s better to buy the skin you’re interested in on the Marketplace for that money.


Directly in the game CS:GO about the case, almost no information and all the features of working with them should be studied from your own experience. We give some tips to help you avoid wasting your time:

  1. You should not chase cases to get skins. Opening them is resource-intensive and usually does not pay off.
  2. Sell cases make sense only after their release. Then the price will only drop.
  3. Today, cases are actually considered consumer goods and in practice nobody needs them except bloggers who make videos on their opening.
  4. Virtually all roulette sites or virtual case opening sites cannot make deposits with game boxes.

On special resources, you can find out how many cases in CS:GO are present at the moment, what they fall out of them, as well as other information related to the boxes in the game. Such sites timely update data, so you can use the information to familiarize and apply in practice. If you are interested in csgo upgrade, then you need to use reliable modern sites. This will help you advance in the game and look for various skins and other merchandise. There are many great cases. but you have to understand. it is always roulette. You can try your luck and get a lot of emotions. At the moment there are specialized sites where you can buy cases and skins. So you have to evaluate the situation carefully so that you can get more useful goods. You can use such resources effectively.