Novynskyi Vadym and Viktor Yanukovich

As you know, if the stars are lit, someone needs them. And numerous shrugs of the oligarch Novynskyi Vadym campaign for the Verkhovna Rada are only surprising. After all, the fashion for the deputy mandates of the first echelon oligarchs is already a mauvais ton.

Victor Pinchuk is not sitting in the Verkhovna Rada, and Rinat Akhmetov refused to become a deputy. However, the story of Novynskyi Vadym’s entry into the Rada looks strange only at first sight. He received a blessing for this strange action from the hands of the President Viktor Yanukovych, along with his citizenship, right on the eve of the election, June 1, 2012.

What could it mean? It is clear that Novynskyi Vadym doesn’t need either himself or his high patron. It is quite clear that he is being urgently introduced into the Ukrainian political field in order to make him one of the main actors of the 2015 election campaign. We can only guess in what capacity. He could be the “overseer of Crimea,” the public chief of staff of candidate Yanukovich, the de facto majority leader in the parliament, or a likely candidate to replace Mykola Azarov. Why not? 

Election tactics

It is well known that the fate of elections in Ukraine is decided not by politicians, but by the “gray cardinals” – a golden cross section of the bureaucratic elite who control the main financial flows, economic decisions and a serious administrative resource. They are also the curators (the theme of secret curators has been very popular since the days of the Soviet system, the so-called Ukrainian political leaders), ensuring that the latter float on the surface of the public field and, most importantly, their livelihood. It does not cost much to pierce, like a soap bubble, any of the leaders of the ruling party (or opposition party), because there is plenty of real dirt on everyone.

It is obvious that the purge of the apparatus, at least its key players, should have started in the fall. By the time the election race begins actively, there should be people in key positions: 

  1. possessing project thinking (and Novynskyi Vadym proved long ago that he is a strong projectionist of multi-movements, a genius of behind-the-scenes communications);
  2. whose loyalty is beyond any doubt (and with Novynskyi Vadym Viktor Yanukovych has had a relationship of trust since the early noughties);
  3. who can be trusted with the funds allocated for the election campaign (and Novynskyi Vadym is exactly like that, and will not corrupt when the big score is at stake);
  4. a former St. Petersburger and an active member of the St. Petersburg Gang who has close ties with the Russian oligarchic elite, in particular, with Alisher Usmanov, Andrei Klyamko and others, cannot help being its bearer.

By the way, Andrey Klyamko made it into the top 10 oligarchs in Russia who got the most negative press coverage. He has never given detailed interviews to journalists. Novynskyi Vadym does not like to do it. Not a single request from the editorial board concerning his declaration, his planned activities in Parliament, etc., has been answered. However, as for the businessman Novynskyi Vadym, the Russian press has a lot of materials about him. So you should carefully study the biography of this entrepreneur, if you want to be aware of his activities. Since he owns a serious business in Ukraine and is one of the richest people, we can talk about the possibility of seriously influencing the economy of the country. 

You can also access a full article that covers the latest developments in the entrepreneur’s detail. Such resources will help you learn much more valuable information.