Ways to make money on comments

If you want to earn as a commenter, you first need to prepare your profile and buy instagram followers. The Internet provides many ways to make money, including on comments. In general, it is possible to distinguish the following ways of earning from writing comments.

Special services and applications

The easiest way to make money on comments is to write them on demand. All that is needed is to carefully read the wishes of the customer, compose the text in accordance with these criteria and place it. Today, there are many services and applications, acting as intermediaries for communication between customers and commenters. Find such orders can be found on the freelance and copywriting exchanges.

Crowd marketing

Crowd marketing is a method of hidden marketing, implemented through responses and comments on a service or product. In other words, crowd-marketing realizes the promotion on the principle of word of mouth. The main task of the commenter in this case is to post a comment with hidden benefits of the desired brand or product and mention its exact name. Crowd-marketing implies a more complex system of working directly with the customer. There are three basic steps in the process.

  1. Finding a customer who is interested in crowd selling their products or services.
  2. Searching for relevant publications on Instagram, where the appropriate topic for commenting is discussed.
  3. Writing a reply-comment with hidden advertising of the desired product.

How much you can earn from comments in this case depends on the brand’s capabilities and the amount of work. But often such comments are paid many times more expensive than at services for promotion. True, and the time such work takes many times more.

How much can I earn

Writing comments refers to the average earnings of profitability. Revenue depends largely on what method you will use. For example, on the freelance exchanges and specialized services, the average cost of a comment of 250-300 characters is about 10 cents. But you can find more high-paying orders. Much depends on the generosity of the customer and the specifics. On average, commentators on the exchanges can earn $3-5 dollars an hour.

As for crowd marketing, then the earnings of professionals can reach much larger sums. But again, everything is different. And how much you can earn on referral programs depends only on your actions and your skills of persuasion.

Pros and cons

The main advantages of earning from comments – simplicity and accessibility. You do not need to have specialized education or special skills to get started. The main thing is to have a desire and a little free time. The disadvantages are not too high payment. But here everything is individual. Professionals in their field is always good to earn.

Earnings on comments, although at first glance it seems very simple, can be tedious. Here it is important to know how to properly divide your time. This tool allows the customer to get more interested usa instagram followers. It is better for the performer to work often, in small portions and remember to take breaks.