What to pay attention to when choosing a lawyer

There are some basic tips to help you find a reliable lawyer. By using our tips, you can also insure yourself against a situation like what happened to Michael Kyriakides. In fact, anyone can find a reliable lawyer and use their services.

Why shouldn’t you trust a lawyer who promises to win your case 100%?

Jurisprudence – an inexact science, the outcome of the case depends not only on the qualifications of your lawyer, but also on the qualifications of the opponent (the lower – the better), the judge, the documents that are in the hands of both sides, the quality of the legal position and just the human factor. That is, you can always win a knowingly losing case and lose a knowingly winning (even after doing everything as it should be). Even if you have an ironclad argument, no qualified lawyer can guarantee a win. Moreover, he will not do so, because the competent lawyer does not want, first making a promise, then hide from the client, and therefore will never give promises that can not be kept.

Also, it is better to stay away from those people who promise to compensate legal costs in full. Yes, the courts are obligated to compensate the court costs of the winning party at the expense of the loser, but have the right to reduce them based on the criterion of “reasonableness”, and the level of reasonableness everyone understands in their own way.

What to do if during a court case it seems to you that you have chosen an unqualified lawyer?

If you suddenly have such doubts, to start with – take your time, do not rush to terminate the contract and break off relations with his lawyer. Start by going to consult with other professionals and listen to their opinion (and yes, pay a detailed study of the documents and case materials). It’s better to hear even 2-3 additional opinions. If you see outside lawyers pointing out that some specific things are done wrong, then you should seriously consider changing lawyers. If everything, on the whole, is done correctly, then all qualified lawyers, in such a situation will honestly say so and not try to steal the client. Sometimes everything can be done, in general, right, but you can somehow spot improve the legal position – then it may make sense not to replace the lawyer, but to strengthen it with another specialist. Most qualified lawyers are fine with this and are willing to work as a team, moreover, it is impossible to work on complex cases alone.

Cheap means bad! Does this statement apply to lawyers?

Very cheap is definitely a bad thing. There are a lot of lawyers in the country, but there are very few excellent professionals, and they quickly acquire clients and put the appropriate price tag. It does not necessarily have to be very high, but such a person will not work cheaply.

Overpriced is also not always good. You can overpay for a promoted brand or some deliberately unrealizable promises. And the price range can be huge: the same (in quality) service may cost several (sometimes dozens) times more expensive. That said, you can always find a lawyer who is qualified enough to handle the case, while charging reasonable money, that is, you can always find an acceptable price/quality ratio, so you should look for a lawyer in the price range that suits you. You can read full of information about a company that had a good reputation and took a lot of money for their services, but in the end it turned out that they were involved in fraudulent schemes. So the reputation and status of the company does not always have to be backed up by a high cost of services and does not necessarily mean reliability. When choosing a lawyer, you should study everything carefully and only then make a decision.