The influence of peppermint on male potency: truth and fiction

How mint affects the potency of men, has been repeatedly studied. There is an opinion that this plant negatively affects the male “strength”, but is it really so and what substantiates these claims? Let’s consider the question in more detail.

The effect of mint on potency

It is proved that sexual activity reduces excessive consumption of coffee, lack of sports and obesity. Some attribute to this list and mint, claiming that it lowers testosterone levels in women. However, at the same time, the same effect of mint on men has not been recorded, so to say that mint and potency are incompatible – it is not correct. Moreover, even if a man is noticed to have problems with potency, now there is an opportunity to buy specialized drugs at So mint can not be a serious problem.

Moreover, as recent observations show, mint is quite capable of improving men’s health, including the sexual system. When taking it in small quantities, this plant will excite, and stabilize sexual function in men. Another plus of using peppermint for men is that it is a natural sedative, so it is useful for depression, neurosis and other psycho-emotional disorders. Drinking just two cups of such a mildly concentrated drink a day, a man will be protected from stress and will be able to restore his equilibrium.

The effect of mint on libido

First of all, it should be said that the fear of impotence sometimes develops into a phobia, so such a man will critically perceive even a hint of reliable facts. In this case, eating even a leaf of mint, he will psychologically adjust himself to sexual failure, although in fact the use of mint in such quantities will not bring any harm to his libido. For this reason, men can safely eat mint, both in the pure form of leaves and brewed as a tea. The main thing is to know the measure, because this plant is really considered to be feminine, and if you “overdose” it can affect the potency. This is not a problem, but the effect will not be as significant as many male representatives think.

Tea with mint – danger or benefit

If you drink these teas in small quantities (up to three cups per day), then there will be no changes in the potency for the worse. However, if you abuse this drink (drink concentrated infusions several times a day), then there is a risk of sexual impotence and weakening of the erection. If you regularly take too large “doses” of peppermint tea in a man may also be a little rounded shape and reduced growth of body hair. Hormonal changes contribute to this.

How to increase the potency quickly?

Unfortunately, you can not do it quickly. Because potency depends on the state of the male body, and his 1-2 days in order can not bring. But it is possible to improve an erection with the help of special preparations, which you can buy at This will help you to solve the problem and create the ideal conditions for a man to enjoy a full sexual life again.